Wellness Education

for Community Organizations & Business, through our bi-monthly Health Fairs.

POHF provides speakers on Health, Wellness and Risk Prevention for community organizations and businesses.  Our goal at POHF is to provide community organizations and businesses with convenient, complimentary access to expert physicians and wellness practitioners.  All services provided by POHF are complimentary.  The POHF wellness team of experts provides communities with access to researched based health and wellness information, screenings, and physical fitness opportunities. Most engagements can be arranged in a short period of time. We invite you to explore how the POHF can help your organization/business live and stay healthy.

Frequently asked questions:

Why are the services free?
The POHF is committed to the health and wellness of our communities.  Our services are complimentary, however if you would like to help us with our mission please make a contribution under the donation tab. donate here►

What size does my organization need to be in order to be eligible for the complimentary services?
Groups and organizations of any size are eligible.  Priority scheduling of activities is given to organizations who have hosted POHF services before.

How does my organization submit a complimentary service request?
Online:  Submit your request here ►
Email: Info@POHFoundation.org
Phone: 770.807.7813
A representative from the POHF will contact you directly to answer any questions and provide calendar availability.


How may I become a member of the POHF wellness team of experts?
Please submit your resume to info@POHFoundation.org.
Attn: Wellness Team