Corporate and Physicians Partnerships

Our goal at the Picture of Health Foundation (POHF) is to provide corporations and companies with easy, convenient access to expert physicians and wellness practitioners.  Your human resources department will be happy to know that all services provided by the POHF are delivered by doctors directly to your employees. Here we teach health promotion and principles to your employees so that they can be more productive, have less illness leave time, and have a higher morale.

The POHF’s approach is to educate communities on the most efficient, cost effective, and prudent strategies to maintain and improve health.  We invite you to learn how we can help your company become healthier and in turn, more productive. Each provider has a variety of services, so feel free to let us know if you have a  topic specialty request.

To schedule your next speaker, host a fully-catered, lunch-and-learn, or to provide your employees with an employee appreciation day, simply contact the Picture of Health Foundation for more details. Most lectures and employee health days can be arranged within a short period of time.