Dr. Christie's Philosophy

Changing Unhealthy Lifestyles One Community at a Time

When I started ANWAN Wellness Medical Center, I envisioned a healthcare practice that focused on disease prevention and wellness. I was told time and time again that there is no market for wellness but I persisted in my venture and asked myself, “How can there not be a market for wellness when healthcare costs have continued to accelerate at an alarming rate?” Employer-sponsored healthcare benefits are being trimmed because of their high cost and impact on the company’s bottom line. I reasoned that if the cost of treating disease continued in the same manner, prevention of these same illnesses must soon take center stage. The increasing financial burdens being placed on families will make them more accountable for preventing disease instead of adding to their burden with the high costs of medication and surgical procedures.

Many of the prevalent diagnoses are truly preventable though lifestyle modifications.

I teach my patients that they are responsible for their health; and the activities they engage in with their bodies, truly dictate how long they will live. The body is a temple and must be treated with respect. The right balance of nutrients; appropriate levels of exercise, and the management of stress will enable the body to work at maximum efficiency. Sure our genes play a role in what disease may develop in our lives. However, we must also realize that many of these diseases would not develop unless the environmental conditions allowed them to emerge. For example, there are various types of cancers that express themselves in overweight, stressed and smoking individuals. If these same individuals did not gain excessive body weight, smoke and had strategies to minimize stress in their lives, the chance of developing cancer would be reduced to almost zero.

My patients become partners in achieving their health goals. My team of Doctors, Chiropractors, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants and Medical Assistants are all trained in proactive integrative medical care.

Our first line of treatment is with lifestyle changes consisting of the triad of good nutrition, exercise and the management of stress. The key to good health is through lifestyle modification focused on preventing disease. To quote Ern Baxter, heart attack survivor, “If you don’t take charge of your lifestyle your lifestyle will take charge of you”.

We provide people with tools to take charge of their lifestyle and improve their health outcomes.