We coordially invite you to SAVE THE DATE for attending our Annual Black-Tie Gala 2018. Our event this year will be in support of our Medical Mission Trip to Senegal, Africa. We are going to have amazing food and spectacular entertainment to raise funds for the wonderful people of Senegal. We truly hope to see you there on March 10th!!!


5K Run/Walk 2017

The Results are in:

Male Overall Winner

1st Place: Michael Anderson,  Age 59,  Bib No.366,   Overall 1,  Time 19:51.8,  Pace 6:24/M

Female Overall Winner

1st Place: Natalie Larson,  Age 27,  Bib No.399,   Overall 4,  Time 24:15.9,  Pace 7:50/M

Nigeria Medical Mission

Completed July 2017


Last Year’s 5K Run/Walk

The Results are in:

Male Overall Winners

1st Place: Jacob Davis,  Age 25,  Bib No.125,   Overall 1,  Time 22:58.1,  Pace 7:25/M

Female Overall Winners

1st Place: Caroline Meadows,  Age 12,  Bib No.3686,   Overall 10,  Time 27:00.9,  Pace 8:43/M

Thank You All for Supporting Our
Black Tie Gala on June 3rd.




We Deeply Appreciate Your Support.

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