5K Run/Walk 2017

The Results are in:

Male Overall Winner

1st Place: Michael Anderson,  Age 59,  Bib No.366,   Overall 1,  Time 19:51.8,  Pace 6:24/M

Female Overall Winner

1st Place: Natalie Larson,  Age 27,  Bib No.399,   Overall 4,  Time 24:15.9,  Pace 7:50/M

Nigeria Medical Mission

Completed July 2017


Last Year’s 5K Run/Walk

The Results are in:

Male Overall Winners

1st Place: Jacob Davis,  Age 25,  Bib No.125,   Overall 1,  Time 22:58.1,  Pace 7:25/M

Female Overall Winners

1st Place: Caroline Meadows,  Age 12,  Bib No.3686,   Overall 10,  Time 27:00.9,  Pace 8:43/M

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The Picture of Health Foundation, Inc.  mission is to serve communities in the United States and abroad by enhancing the welfare of our society; linking the balance between medical, mental, physical, and dietary health.
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